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Announcing a new collaboration between @RedGorillaPro and Ash Mahoney

Announcing a new collaboration between @RedGorillaPro and Ash Mahoney

As Red Gorilla, we take pride in the sterling reputation our products have earned within the building sector. Each item in our range is crafted with utmost quality and originality, embodying our commitment to innovation and endurance. These traits have contributed significantly to our popularity, making Red Gorilla a respected name amongst those in the construction industry.

Recognising the importance of brand awareness amongst those who frequently use our tools, we've made it our mission to ensure tradespeople have a comprehensive understanding of our products. To achieve this, we're developing a new, dedicated social media channel filled with enlightening content. From informative tutorials to behind-the-scenes glimpses into our production process, we want our users to know the full value of what they're working with.

This endeavour has led us to forge a partnership with Ash Mahoney, an influential figure within our sector. Ash has a robust presence on social media, particularly on Instagram (, where he shares his wealth of knowledge and experience in the trade. We believe that by aligning with a figure as respected as Ash, we can more effectively engage with our target audience.

Over the next three months, you'll witness our partnership with Ash Mahoney in action on Instagram. Expect a cavalcade of captivating content as we delve into the features and benefits of our Red Gorilla tools, with Ash himself providing exclusive insights. This collaboration will also offer ample opportunities for our followers to interact directly with Ash, fostering a sense of community around our shared passion for quality construction tools.

In summary, we at Red Gorilla are not only committed to providing top-tier products, but also to enhancing our relationship with the tradespeople who use them. Our upcoming partnership with Ash Mahoney on Instagram serves as part of our broader initiative to heighten brand awareness and product understanding. So, keep a keen eye out over the coming three months—we're excited to embark on this journey and bring our tools to life. As we always say, 'knowledge is the key'—prepare to unlock the full potential of Red Gorilla!

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