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Red Gorilla® renews support of the RDA for a 6th year

Red Gorilla® renews support of the RDA for a 6th year

Red Gorilla®, in a reassuring show of dedication to horse welfare, has renewed its sponsorship for the RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) for a sixth year running. Red Gorilla, a world-renowned pioneer in the equestrian industry, has a long history of supporting causes that aim to better the lives of horses and humans alike. The collaboration between Red Gorilla and the RDA is not only a powerful demonstration of CSR, but also has the potential to significantly advance the RDA's stated goals.

Established in 2004, Red Gorilla is a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium equestrian gear. The company's founders' lifelong love of horses inspired them to create high-quality goods that meet the needs of both casual riders and serious competitors. Red Gorilla has often shown its dedication to equine welfare by lending financial and other resources to causes that protect and improve the lives of horses.

For more than 50 years, the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) has been a unique organisation, providing equine-assisted activities and rehabilitation to children and people with disabilities. The RDA is an international organisation with a mission to make horseback riding, carriage driving, and vaulting accessible to people with a wide range of disabilities. Participants in these programmes gain the health benefits of riding, as well as the social and emotional gains from working with horses.

Red Gorilla's dedication to equestrian care is entirely aligned with the RDA's guiding principles. With the help of the company's funding, the RDA can maintain its commitment to providing the best possible medical and psychological care for its horses. The horses are able to play an integral role in therapeutic sessions because they receive excellent care, including nutritious food, veterinary attention, and a pleasant environment in which to live.

In terms of outreach and expansion, the RDA can benefit from Red Gorilla's partnership by reaching out to more people. With extra funding, the RDA will be able to provide its therapeutic equine-assisted activities to a wider range of people with disabilities. This assistance can pave the way for more people with disabilities to participate in equestrian activities, which promotes equality and self-determination.

The Contribution of Red Gorilla to the RDA's Goals:

Improved Programmes, thanks to Red Gorilla's ongoing sponsorship, the RDA is able to create and deliver cutting-edge, individualised courses that meet the needs of a wide range of students. In order to provide the best possible care and support for riders, it is necessary to implement innovative treatment methods, introduce novel adapted equipment, and facilitate training programmes for instructors.

The RDA is able to upgrade its facilities and invest in cutting-edge machinery thanks to the generosity of Red Gorilla. The RDA's programmes may be made more better, more entertaining, and more useful with the use of accessible riding arenas, sensory pathways, and specially modified carriages.

Red Gorilla's support of the RDA means that more studies of the efficacy of equine-assisted therapy for people with disabilities can be conducted. This study has the potential to shed light on the therapeutic potential of equine-assisted activities and therapy, leading to further development in the field.

Red Gorilla's renewed commitment to the RDA is a major step forward in the organization's mission to enhance the lives of people with disabilities and the treatment of horses. This relationship has the potential to greatly improve the RDA's ability to carry out its objective of improving lives via equine-assisted activities by providing financial support, a shared commitment to equine care, and the possibility of programme development. Inspiring people to join the cause and contribute to the benefit of society through equestrian support and therapy, Red Gorilla's continuous support serves as a noteworthy example of corporate social responsibility.
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