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25 Years of Gorilla Tubs, and counting!

25 Years of Gorilla Tubs, and counting!

Unbelievably, July 2023 marks 25 years since we first launched the Gorilla Tub®. The follow up to our earlier, revolutionary product, the Tubtrug®, the Gorilla Tub® has gone on to quietly revolutionise everything from stables to building sites, and remains the best tub on the market to this day. But where did it all begin for the Gorilla Tub®, and why has it enjoyed such enduring and wide-ranging success over the years?

It can be used for absolutely anything!

An early tag line for the Gorilla Tub® was that their ‘flexibility is their strength’, which signalled, not only their flexibility and durability, but more importantly, the fact that the whole concept allowed for the Gorilla Tub® to be useful in just about any situation.

Ask any stable manager or equestrian if they use Gorilla Tubs® and there is a high probability that their answer will be “yes!” Some will even go on to talk for extended periods of time about their horse’s favourite colour of tub.  In spite of that, the Gorilla Tub® was originally developed for a completely different sector. 

Back in 1998, the Tubtrug® had been the tub of choice for equestrians and gardeners for 3 years, and as the first two handled, flexible tub ever made, that was a well-earned popularity, but there was one issue. Builders and tradespeople didn’t buy into the concept at all.

We knew that if they could bridge the gap in people’s mind between the idea of a flexible plastic product and a product of durability and strength, the tub could make a huge impact in the construction sector.

They developed the Gorilla Tub® to fit that mould, and it was a great success. 25 years on, you’d be hard pressed to find a building site or contractor that doesn’t rely on tubs on site on a daily basis.

Gorilla Tubs® are loaded with user friendly features.

Gorilla Tubs® are bright, lightweight and very, very strong! But more than this, they are designed with really innovative features which keep them on the top spot for tubs, year after year.

A series of purpose-designed features ensures that users can speed up tasks and get jobs done quickly and efficiently.

Some of these unique features include:

  • ‘Golf ball’ grip handles give their slender handles larger surface areas, for an easy grip, even one-handed!
  • Reinforced handle strips prevent tearing/breakage.
  • Chamfered edges on both sides make for pouring and sweeping up.
  • Ribbing around the body provides a high degree of strength.

Gorilla Tubs® are also available in 10 different colours and 8 different sizes, meaning there is a tub for any task, and in a colour that you like, to match your scheme!

“We are constantly reimagining our products, making them stronger, even more functional and environmentally friendly.”

Since 1998, we have gone from strength to strength, launching new lines of buckets, skips, troughs and mangers, alongside various colour-coordinated ranges and innovative takes on shovels, brooms, scoops and even grooming equipment!

One of the most recent launches has been Gorilla Plas®. This new range is made from a revolutionary, new, and unique polymer material, that’s stronger and lighter than traditional tyre rubber and able to be produced completely from recycled materials. Unlike traditional rubber products, Gorilla Plas® equipment is 100% non-absorbent, meaning it’s easy to clean and weather resistant, too.

Our Managing Director, Dean Cox, said: “It’s strange to think that it all started with a simple tub. We have come a long way since the early days, and our business continues to innovate. Given our products are multi-functional, our customers are constantly discovering new and interesting ways of putting them to the test. That’s taking us into different and exciting markets!”

Look for the Red Gorilla® logo!

Instantly recognised by their bright colours, Red Gorilla® was the first manufacturer to bring a flexible, two handled tub to market. Their tubs are still regarded as the best on the market, and many insist on only using Gorilla Tubs®.

Each Gorilla Tub® is embossed with the Red Gorilla® logo.  It’s a sign of quality, strength, and performance, and is the quickest and easiest way to be able to tell that you have the real thing.

You can buy Red Gorilla® products such as the Gorilla Tub® online, from our website, eBay, Amazon and all registered stockists or through our dedicated website.

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