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Red Gorilla Launch A New Product Range To The Market

Red Gorilla Launch A New Product Range To The Market

At Red Gorilla® our British-designed equipment has been put to the test by various industries for over 2 decades.  Whilst products look a bit different to how they did in the early days, Red Gorilla® has been a constant with innovation and forward-thinking products. Now a staple in most equine and agricultural environments, Red Gorilla® products are functional, versatile and beautifully designed.

 What is the new product range?

We are excited to launch the new Gorilla Bin™ range! Yet again here at Red Gorilla®, we have made what could be seen as a mundane product into a practical yet beautiful tool that would sit well in any yard, garden or construction site. These bins are not just ordinary bins they are conveniently designed with reinforced sides, and clip lids which makes them particularly useful for storing precious animal feed and bedding away from unwanted pests.  They come in a range of their most popular colours that match other Red Gorilla® products.

Gorilla Bins are loaded with user features.

Our bins are bright, light to manage and move, stackable and very, very strong!

A series of purpose-designed features ensures that users can speed up tasks and get jobs done quickly and efficiently.

Specific Gorilla Bin™ features include:

  • Strong reinforced grip handles on each side
  • Clip lid to keep the contents safe and dry
  • 100% non-absorbent
  • Animal feed safe
  • Recyclable
  • Strong and tough
  • Weather resistant
  • Available in red, Pink, Yellow, Purple and Blue
  • 3 Sizes, 30L, 50L and 80L

 Managing Director, Dean Cox, said: “Gorilla Bins™ have been designed to develop our growing range here at Red Gorilla®. Made in the UK using cutting edge moulds, machines and materials we are able to offer exceptional quality of product and service. Gorilla Bins are available in 3 sizes and 5 colours and with the Red Gorilla branding consumers are assured of the quality products they can trust. We think this is the biggest thing to hit the equine trade since we launched Gorilla Tubs® 25 years ago!

There’s a whole lot more to Red Gorilla® than meets the eye.

Ask any stable manager, equestrian or horse lover if they have used any of the Gorilla products, or heard of Red Gorilla®, and there is a strong likelihood their answer will be “yes!”  That’s because the very first range of products were released and marketed into the Equine Industry. 

 In more recent times, Red Gorilla® has launched a new series of skips and mangers, alongside various colour-coordinated accessories, including shovels, forks, rakes, brooms and even grooming equipment!

 Look for the Red Gorilla® logo!

Instantly recognised by their bright colours, Red Gorilla® was the original supplier of purpose-designed tubs across the UK.

Each Red Gorilla® product is embossed with the Red Gorilla® logo.  It’s a sign of quality, strength, and performance.

 You can buy Red Gorilla® products online here, from registered stockists, or if you are a retailer become a stockist today!

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