Gorilla Plas® B4 Shallow Bucket 10L

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Colour: Black
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Made from our revolutionary new recycled polymer, Gorilla Plas®, our new B4 Shallow Bucket is tougher, stronger and easier to clean and maintain than ever before while also being completely food/feed safe. Made exclusively in the UK for Red Gorilla, this B4 is the new industry leader for feed buckets, with all the classic features of our B4 rubber bucket, but more usable and hardwearing by far. With a capacity of 10L/2gal. and designed to pour from either side, the new Shallow Bucket makes light work of shifting and bailing out feed, water, and just about anything else you care to carry in it.

Height: 17cm x Diameter: 35cm

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Full Product Description

The Gorilla Plas® B4 Shallow Bucket is a reimagined version of our traditional tyre-rubber alternative. A superior performance feed and all-purpose bucket, it’s lighter than rubber, easier to clean, and made from a revolutionary polymer material that’s better for the environment.
For over 4 decades Red Gorilla® has been the front runner in the supply of tyre-rubber tubs, buckets, managers and skips. This latest Gorilla Plas® B4 Shallow Bucket is ideal for feeding animals, but equally useful as a lightweight, general-purpose bucket.
Manufactured from a super-strong, recycled polymer that we call Gorilla Plas®, it’s as tough and hard wearing as our traditional tyre-rubber feed buckets, but easier to clean, maintain and much lighter to manage.
Exclusively designed by Red Gorilla®, the Gorilla Plas® B4 Shallow Bucket is made from 100% recycled materials so is much better for the environment. It’s also weather resistant, non-absorbent and can be thoroughly cleaned, ensuring that feedstuffs and water don’t get contaminated putting livestock and animals in danger of ill-heath or infection.
With an overall capacity of 10L/2gal, and designed to pour from either side, the new B4 Shallow Bucket makes light work of shifting and baling out feed, water, and carrying just about anything else! Along with its clever, ergonomic design, the B4 is the perfect solution for both personal and professional use around the yard, stable or enclosure.
As with other branded Gorilla Plas® designs, products are created with our customers in mind. Features include ribbed, flexible sides for maximum strength and stability, reinforced handles for a sturdy, sure grip and an easy clean surface that is 100% non-absorbent.
Always look out for the Red Gorilla® logo embossed on our Gorilla Plas® products. It’s a visible sign of quality, strength and performance.
The Gorilla Plas® S1 Small Skip is currently available in multiple vibrant colours and black, so there’s plenty of choice.

Colour: Black